Jaisalmer to Longewala & India Pakistan Border

There is no war or conflict which hasn’t been a turning point. In India’s fight against Pakistan in 1971, the Battle of Longewala was that turning point. The battle, fought between the Pakistani insolent forces and the Indian defenders at the Indian border post of Longewala in Thar Desert of Rajasthan, was the first major engagement in the Western Sector during the war of 1971. In the struggle, not only were the hit Pakistani attack foiled and dented, the Pak forces were forced to withdraw when India launched an offensive attack against them thereby winning the decisive battle that changed the face of the Indo-Pak war forever.

A huge number sightseers who used to group to several forts and tourist spots in Jaisalmer, close to the Indo-Pak border, are missing this season as several travellers have cancelled their tours in the wake of tensions between India and Pakistan after the Indian armys surgical strikes in Pak