Jodhpur to Jasol with Rajwada Cabs

Now reach from Jodhpur to Jasol by cab in complete comfort within 2 hours 30 minutes. Jodhpur and Jasol just 120 km apart, you can use the Rajwada Taxi services to shorten between these two cities. The best part about travelling by car is you can halt along the way as you wish, be it for snacking or to take pictures along the way. The journey can be customized by adding the stop over for having food or may be staying overnight in case of long journeys. The distance and travel time would change accordingly and also per the traffic and road conditions.

The step by step navigation available helps to reach the place without any disturbance. In a place like Jodhpur where there are countless tourist sites scattered through all parts of the city, hiring a local transport each time can prove to be not only a great hassle, but an expensive affair too. To avoid that, simply book the tour packages from Rajwada Cabs and explore the city for saving not only time and money but most importantly, for your relaxation. Using Rajwada Cabs you get the best cab service. You can book a cab as per your budget and number of people you are travelling with. Book now from a wide range of choices!

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